Have you just moved into new house but  you are overwhelmed with worlkload even do not have free time for direct shopping at future stores?

Are you afraid of the quality of local stores of houseware or furniture  nearby your residence and looking for more design and compelling products from other places?

Do you wish to get updates or purchase any design product (especially about furniture, houseware and home accessories) from other countries outside USA?

Do you want to decorate the interior look of your house aesthetically  and show off your stylish houseware and furnitures ,which were manufactured from different countries , to your local friends?

If the answer is “yes” in one of the above mentioned questions, you definitely should come to visit www.crateandbarrel.com

Crate & Barrel is American chain of retail stores, based in Northbrook, Illinois  specializing in housewares, furniture (indoor and out), and home accessories. However , Its corporate name is Euromarket Designs, Inc.

Since it got direct purchase from  manufacturers all over the world, employs a team of design experts and enthusiasts for picking up their product collection, their product’s authenticity is highly guaranteed and the price is relatively competitive. To add to its merit,Purchasing products at  www.crateandbarrel.com is much more convenient because it offers online shopping service to all customers . You are likely to make an order at just a touch of button without any exhausting travelling.

If you would like to possess the aesthetically pleasing  and functional products ( in terms of furniture, houseware and home accessories) you should do a online shopping,

Below is the instrucstion on how to make order online at Crate and barrel

1. Go to the website www.crateandbarrel.com

2. The products are classified according to number of factors (by shop all departments, inspiration  , gift registry and sale).This structures  offers much more convenient to searchers to find the products they need quickly.

The “shop all departments” group classifies the products into sub-groups such as for kitchen, bed&bath, dining& enterntaining… and so on)

The “inspiration” group categorises the products into more specific group on the basis of special occasion purchase (for example : for christmas,  50th Anniversary teaporst, Santa FE% Feast .. and so on)

The “Sale” groups includes all the products of discount prices .You definitely will be interested in this group!

3.And then Select the group which is well-suited to your needs.

4. After clicking on it,  new pages drops down and  shows the images of products.

5.Click on the product which catches your attraction and then Further information about that products (such as price, the heights, width, weight, quality..)will be automatically shown .

6. If you would like to obtain the full detail about that product, there is one option available at the end of the new page “View full product detail”.Click on that button!

7.If you would like to buy the product, enter the “quantity” and then choose “add to cart” blue button if you would like to buy it,  OR select “add to registry” if you already have account and would like to  add to your favorite list.

If you don’t want to buy it anymore, click to the “x” sign to close it.

8. Right after clicking on “add to cart” or “add to registry”, you will be asked if “continue shopping” or “check out now”.Click on “continue”, if you would like to buy more.Otherwise, click on “check out now”

9. If you click on “continue”, continue  your shopping job  by repeat the instructional steps above.

10. When you are done with shopping, it comes to payment step.Click on “check out now” or “proceed to check out “ on the top corner of webpage

11. You will be redirected to the new page and wil be asked to select as “new customer “ or “returning cusstomer”

12. If you are new customer and would like to maintain that status, just click on “continue”

13. Here , you are required to enter your shipping address. Your order summary containing information about the name of your products and their prices is shown on the other side.

14.Fill in your first name and last name

15.Enter your address 1 and address 2

16. Fill in the Zip code as well. And then It automatically appears the city and drop-down list of state.Enter and select the suitable one.

17. Enter your day phone

18.Click on “continue” button

19. New website appears and asks you to enter information about your card.click on the right type of your bank account and fill in all the required information

20. After that , you have to review your product list and price and confirm it!

21.Click “End” to finish your online shopping


It’s actually interesting to live in the house full with aesthetic and functional products made from different countries.In addition, the online shopping function at crateandbarrel.com  provides much more convenience to you.



Are you looking for the amazingly cheap ticket to discover different country or continent or to enjoy your upcoming awesome vacation with partners within a small pocket?

Are you heading off to different place for business trip but you are seeking for confidential flight fare searching website??

Are you confused about how to book hotel room or rental cars  in the place where you have not been before?

Easyjet.com understands deeply your needs and promises to exceed your expectation.

Easyjet is a British airline carrier based at London Luton Airport. It is the largest airline of the United Kingdom, measured by number of passengers carried. It has made a great strives on offering domestic and international scheduled services  to passengers on over 600 routes in 32 countries.Easyjet not only provides a high quality of service but also ensure the unmatched competitive price ,which you can’t find any cheaper airlines with the similar routes.

Detailed instructions on how to book flights, hotel, rental cars at easyjet.com is shown as follows:

  1. Go to the webpage: www.easyjet.co.uk
  2. On the right hand side in the “book flights” section, enter your departure airport and the drop down list will provides the possible matched results.
  3. Similarly, enter your arrival airport from the “going to” section
  4. Tick on the box to choose “one way only” or “flexible on dates”
  5. Choose your outbound date from calendar
  6. Select your return date from calendar
  7. Select the number of travelers (adults, children, infants ) from drop down list
  8. Click on the “show flights” to get the results
  9. You will be redirected to different pages in which you are able to view the price in 3 day or 3 week or year. Click on the tab according to your preference
  10. After that, you are allowed to see the list of cheapest fare available each day in 3 days or 3 weeks for outbound and inbound journey. Or years .Click on the day and price that well-suited to you.
  11. The information about fares, travel insurance, baggage, admin fee and charges are mentioned underneath.
  12. On the right corner of webpage, you are allowed to choose your payment currency
  13. Right below, select your payment method (by credit card or debit card)
  14. Click on “continue” button
  15. You will be redirected to another page.
  16. Select seats, check-in luggage, travel insurance, support equipment, and promotion code according to your preferences. Noticed! Pay attention to the price!
  17. Click on “continue” button at the right hand side
  18. Another page about hotel reservation ,select the one which suits to you to the fullest
  19. Click on “continue” button
  20. Similarly, choose the car rental according to your need
  21. You will be redirected to “Check out” page
  22. enter your email address for receiving e-ticket
  23. Tick the box “ Aim new to easy Jet.com” or “I’ve booked with easy jet before”
  24. Enter your password if you have got the account there, otherwise leave it
  25. click on “continue” button
  26. You are required to fill in “your contact details” section
  27. Select title from dropdown list, fill in your first name and surname(s)
  28. Enter your address ,town, city, post code
  29. Select your country from drop down list
  30. Enter your mobile phone for further contact
  31. Roll down, you will see payment section
  32. Choose your “type of card” from drop down list
  33. Enter your card number
  34. Choose the expiry date from drop down list
  35. Enter your CVV/Security code of your card
  36. Enter the cardholder’s name as written on the card
  37. tick on the box if you would like to save this payment card for next time booking
  38. Click on book now to finish
  39. You will receive the e-ticket from your email


If you are going to flight to different places and require good quality of service and cheap price, don’t forget about easyjet.com.It definitely exceeds your requirements!



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